24 Carat Gold

24 Karat Gold Plating Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area

Want the look and feel of gold but don’t want to pay the high price? Have your valuables seamlessly plated in 24 Karat gold! Others may scoff at the idea as a cheap imitation, but even self-proclaimed experts have trouble telling the difference. Discover seamless gold plating with our seasoned craftsmen today.

Are you looking for the rich elegance that only gold can offer? Our experienced team of professionals offers 24 karat gold plating services throughout the Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro area. We have over 90 years of experience plating your valuables in 24 karat gold. Trust us to treat your items with the utmost respect and care.

Our 24 karat gold plating services include:

  • Full metal finishes
  • 24 carat coverage
  • Full metal finishes

Let our experts determine the best technique and method for your particular piece. We can plate heirlooms, antiques, flatware and more.

Work with a tradesman who has almost a century experience in 24 karat gold plating – get Brinkman’s Silver Plating and Repairing for all your metal restoration needs.

Call us today at 651-698-8577 or 877-798-8577 for a free estimate.

Get the glamour without spending the green

Gold provides a thin, yet flawless veneer to any metal surface and shines beautifully. Let our experts determine the best technique and method to plate your valuables – call now!

Thin but complete surface coverage

Expert care yields exceptional results

Our specialist will prepare the surface of your item and ready it for complete 24 carat gold plating. Through a series of timeless techniques your heirlooms, antiques, flatware and more will be treated and processed resulting in a gorgeous surface that looks as if they were made for royalty.