Antique Restoration

Antique Restoration Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area

Have you received a family heirloom recently that is looking a little worse for wear? The craftsmen at Brinkman’s Silvering Plating and Repairing in Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro area offer antique restoration services for customers throughout the region. With over 90 years of experience, you can trust your items are in the best possible care.

Antique items are often fragile and sensitive to the passage of time. Time, weather, environment and personal neglect are just a few reasons why your antique metals may no longer be in great condition.

Our antique restoration services include:

  • Lacquering
  • Metal repair
  • Plating and refinishing
  • Buffing
  • Polishing

Discover a silversmith who has the tools and experience to restore your antique metals to their former glory. Don’t lock away the past. Proudly display your family’s heirlooms and the years of generational value that has survived – get expert antique restoration from Brinkman’s Silver Plating and Restoration.

We offer complete restoration services for any piece with significant damage or those with simple wear and tear. Our craftsmen can even fix warped metals.

Call us today at 651-698-8577 or 877-798-8577 for a free estimate.

Bring structural and aesthetic integrity to your treasures

Enjoy complete restoration for any metal piece with significant damage or shows simple wear and tear. Bent, scratched and even warped metals can be fully restored with our expert care.

Make your valuables like new

Show off your treasures

Have you thought that your precious metal antique was damaged beyond repair? Take advantage of a silversmith with years of experience in the industry that will provide you with an honest and review of your piece. Restore your treasures with the trusted craftsmen at Brinkman’s Silver Plating and Repairing.