Brass Plating Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area

Brinkman’s Silver Plating and Repairing provides brass plating services throughout the Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro area. Let our experienced team help restore and improve your brass pieces. Our quality is impeccable. Brass plating can be used on bath, kitchen and electrical fixtures.

Impress your guests and family with a wide variety of formed metal products transformed by brass plating. Take advantage of unsurpassed quality and rapid, time-tested processing for all your metal restoration needs.

Our brass plating can cover:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel

Plating service is useful for a variety of objects and surfaces including electrical, bath and kitchen fixtures and other display items. Let us know exactly how you would like your piece to look and we will enhance it with the gorgeous lustre of polished brash.

Our team will transform your metal items. We offer a variety of finishes including polish brass, satin brass and antique brass.

Call us today at 651-698-8577 or 877-798-8577 for a free estimate.

How is it done?

Looking for expert care for your metal items? Our team will transform your piece by re-creating it in brass plating. Your piece will be washed and cleaned beforehand for flawless results.

Enhance Appearance

So many finishes to choose from

Depending on your tastes, brass plating can be completed with a variety of finishes. Choose from polished brass, satin brass and antique brass to give your items a fantastic veneer that will be admired for decades to come. Call or stop in today for a FREE estimate.