Flatware Repair

Flatware Refinishing Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area

Is your flatware looking a little dingy? Forks and knives are susceptible to bending and tarnishing over time. Let the experienced craftsmen at Brinkman’s Silver Plating and Repairing in the Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro area help. We offer flatware refinishing and repair services to bring your pieces back to life.

There are so many things that can ruin a beautiful piece of flatware. Whether it is running a fork through the garbage disposal or bending a spoon in a tub of frozen ice cream, the delicate nature of your metal can easily be compromised.

Our flatware refinishing services include:

  • Sharpen knife blades
  • Disposal damage
  • Re-plate worn metals
  • Blade and fork tine straightening
  • Monogram removal

We have been refinishing flatware for over 90 years. Don’t throw away your entire set because a few pieces are damaged. Our team will restore and refinish those pieces to look brand new.

If your flatware has been damaged or broken, trust our team of skilled craftsmen to restore your set to its original lustre. Call or stop by our shop today for a FREE estimate.

Call us today at 651-698-8577 or 877-798-8577 for a free estimate.

Give years back to your flatware

For over 90 years our shop has restored flatware, antiques, and silverware to peak condition. Don’t throw out or pawn away an entire set of flatware because one or two pieces are damaged. Our team will repair and refinish your valuable table service to showpiece condition.

Take advantage of our experience

Enjoy a full restoration from a master silversmith

It’s important to understand the limits of metal restoration, which is why you can always trust us to inform you of our design and repair limitations. Certain chemical or heat changes can cause irreparable damage to the original pattern or structure. Get a FREE estimate to make sure you always get honest service from our time-tested experts.