Plating Services Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities Metro Area

Brinkman’s Silver Plating and Repairing provides plating services throughout the Minneapolis and St Paul Twin Cities metro area. With over 90 years of experience, you can trust that your pieces are in experienced and careful hands. We will re-plate your valuables in the metal of your choosing. We offer brass, copper, silver and 24 karat gold plating options.

We plate the following items:

  • Servicing pieces
  • Tea sets
  • Trays
  • Candelabras
  • Heirlooms
  • Silverware

Take advantage of a silversmith that offers a full range of plating and metal finishes for all of your special items. Choose from 4 different metals to restore a timeless piece back to its original state.

Each color of metal finish is available in a variety of surfaces that end with a gorgeous shine hand rubbed appearance by our experts. Create a new look or exact match a set. Your choices are practically limitless.

Our team will plate your items with the highest quality materials and care. Let us help make your valuables look as good as new no matter how many years they have weathered.

Call us today at 651-698-8577 or 877-798-8577 for a free estimate.

Re-create that unique sheen

Our plating service helps make your items look brand new. Each piece is re-plated in the metal of your choosing, be it brass, silver, copper, or 24 karat gold.

Decades of Experience

Brinkman’s is the number one choice for quality

There are only a handful of businesses throughout the United States that have perfected the art of metal plating, and Brinkman’s is one of them. For all of your metal pieces, trust our staff to use the highest quality of care to meet your needs. Create a gorgeous conversation piece at your next party with a perfectly restored metal antique or flatware set. FREE estimates are available.